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"I received treatment from Didar for about 3 months. He did a great job explaining everything and knowing my goals as an athlete recovering from injury. When we first started my pain level was about 8/10 daily and by the third month we had achieved about 2/10 daily. I’m sure we could have achieved further had he not moved back home after graduation. Good news is my back has not regressed since stopping consistent treatment. Didar is not just in and out, he truly cares about his patients and will go above and beyond for them. Highest recommendation." Darmal  - 2019 

Reg has been a patient of Doctor DG since the summer of 2019. He is now on a wellness care plan. 

"When I first came to Life West I had incurred an injury in my lower back while I was weightlifting. Didar was a chiropractor student then (around fall 2017) and when I nervously arrived at the chiropractor college he was in charge of my care with the oversight of a doctor. Didar showed professionalism and was very knowledgeable about my injury, how I got it, the best means of treatment, and information to help me recover and make lasting progress. Thanks to the care that I received from Didar at Life West my back is finally feeling alot less pain and I'm starting to work out again! After a few months of weekly/biweekly adjustments, stretching daily, and core strengthening exercises, all recommended by Didar, I am doing my daily activities with ease and hardly have any agitating back pain. I was sad to hear Didar would be moving back to Canada to start his own practice when he graduated from Life West, but I know he will do well because he is skilled and knows his profession. If anyone is looking for a good chiropractor, I would definitely recommend Didar!" Josh  - 2019




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