Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel and Chiropractic Treatment versus Traditional Medicine Approaches

Some of my patients tell me that a friend who begins to suffer numbness in her hands has asked them "where can I find a chiropractor near me?" Chiropractors definitely treat conditions other than those that manifest with pain. Then I ask if the friend spends a lot of time on the computer, and if they say yes, I begin to suspect carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition I see a lot of.

If you are experiencing numbness, burning or a tingling itchiness in the palm of your hand; a shock-like sensation in your fingers; have trouble holding things due to a weakness in your hands; or tingling that travels up your arm and into your shoulder, you may be a victim of carpal tunnel syndrome. Left untreated it can progress into muscle cramping and pain, as well as weakened hands and the inability to grip things, or use your thumb.

As for what causes it, while we do know it stems from pressure on and compression of the median muscle running up the center of the arm through what is called the carpal tunnel, its root cause remains uncertain. Although it has been experienced by people who are obese, have hypothyroidism, rheumatic arthritis, diabetes, or women who are pregnant, more often it's a result of repetitive motions like typing, especially when the hands are held lower than the wrists, compressing that median nerve.

If you consult a practitioner of traditional medicine, he may advise common sense practices such as refraining from activities that call for repetitive motions, or wearing a splint to immobilize the wrist. If symptoms continue, he will most likely prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or steroid shots to reduce any swelling. And should these measures have no effect, he may recommend carpal tunnel release surgery to increase the circumference of the carpal tunnel and ease pressure on the median nerve. If you're someone who wants to bypass invasive treatment like this and forgo introducing drugs with their side effects into your system, you may be one of those seeking a chiropractor near me.

Yes, I treat carpal tunnel syndrome and while I will also go along with the advice to avoid the offending action, wear a splint, and undergo imaging tests, the buck stops at medication and surgery. Following chiropractic principle that the body wants to heal itself, I see my role is to help restore it to its optimum balance and state of health, I will perform adjustments to the misaligned vertebrae of the upper back contributing to your carpal tunnel symptoms. So if you are, or know of someone who has CTS do yourself or them a favor and suggest they schedule a consultation with me.