Chiropractic Doctor Near Me

For Those of You Asking Where Can I Find a Chiropractic Doctor Near Me.....

For those of you asking if there is a "chiropractic doctor near me" the answer is yes, that would be me. But this would not be so had I not left my home in Surrey British Columbia for a while. Since I had grown up plagued by a number of health challenges, I was aware from the time I was a young child that not only did pharmaceutical prescriptions often fail to work, they could also bring unpleasant side effects like nausea, fatigue, and occasionally allergic reactions. So my dream was to learn all I could about integrative medicine and alternative treatments that involved as little medicine as possible; and instead of invasive treatments, looked at the cause of the pain, addressed it, and stepped back so the body could heal itself.

To that end, after receiving a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to study at Life Chiropractic College West. This served to reinforce my belief that wellness medicine is the key to a healthy body and dealing with the effects of stress.And so once I had completed my chiropractic studies, I returned to my hometown of Surrey to start my own chiropractic practice. However my patients soon discover that yes, my main focus is on chiropractic adjustments and treatments, I also provide them with wellness care to help them experience pain-free living for longer periods than they ever experienced with traditional medicine.

So yes, I am the answer to is there a " chiropractic doctor near me " but I am more than that. Since I encourage a proactive approach to dealing with stress which often manifests as headaches, I guess you could I'm a headache consultant near me as well

Now while chiropractic can help with headaches as well, in more cases than not, they are caused by issues other than those treated by a chiropractic doctor. So when a patient comes to me complaining of headaches, I will conduct a thorough assessment of his nervous system to try to ascertain the cause so I can refer him to a doctor who can help him. So if you've been asking around "where can I find a headache consultant near me, here I am right here in British Columbia.