Pediatric Chiropractic

Is Pediatric Chiropractic the Answer to Your Child's Problems?

If you're considering a pediatric chiropractic for your child, and asking where you can find pediatric chiropractic near me, you are not alone. According to a United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, three out of every one hundred children in the country have been treated with pediatric chiropractic manipulation. The reasons parents seek a pediatric chiropractic for their children varies with the age of the child.

One reason a parent might be looking for a ‘pediatric chiropractic near me’ for a preschool and elementary school age child is for chronic ear infections. The cause for chronic ear infections is usually a buildup of trapped fluid in the middle ear canal, resulting in a fertile breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Traditional medical practitioners will prescribe the same antibiotics each time the problem reoccurs. However they are just addressing the symptoms and they continue to return. Pediatric chiropractic practitioners, by contrast, will seek the cause so they can eliminate the problem. In the case of recurring ear infections, pediatricians want to find out what is causing the fluid build up so they can address that. And it usually turns out to be that the muscles that surround the Eustachian tubes of the ear are spasming, closing the opening and preventing it from draining.The goal of pediatric treatment in this case is to calm the nervous system through manipulation, thus stilling the spasms and permitting the ear to drain.

Another reason why a parent might seek help from a pediatric chiropractic is if their high school child is involved in athletics and is having musculoskeletal complaints similar to adults. Chiropractic care given to the older age group is similar to that given to adults albeit with a few minor modifications. Since their joints are more flexible and the area treated is smaller, the chiropractor will employ more shallow less forceful thrusts, and concentrate on smaller contact areas.

These are but a few of the conditions pediatric chiropractors treat, If you or someone you know is living near Surrey British Columbia and looking for a ‘pediatric chiropractic near me’, please call for a consultation so we can discuss your child's problems and the benefits of pediatric chiropractic in ameliorating them.